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The Whatcom County Bar Association (WCBA) draws its members from the legal community in and around Bellingham, Washington. WCBA exists to promote the administration of justice, to cultivate goodwill among its members and the community, and to support the continuing education goals of its members.

The Bar Association holds meetings the first Wednesday of each month, featuring keynote speakers, CLEs, and historically social events, see the Whatcom County Bar's Facebook page. You can also recieve announcements and the Whatcom County Bar Journal by emailing wcbamembership@gmail.com and ask to be added to our emial list.

Members of the bar association receive the Whatcom County Bar Journal each month, containing meeting news, court information, editorials, feature articles, and advertisements. To find out about joining contact one of the current officers.

WCBA offers Continuing Legal Education seminars developed specifically to meet the needs of the local legal community. Our CLEs are presented at reduced rates to members.


2024 Officers:

Adam Engst, President

Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner, PLLC

200 W. Chestnut St. 

Bellingham, WA 98225

(360) 714-0900


Ian McCurdy, Vice President

Faber Fairchild McCurdy

PO Box 5158 Bellingham, WA 98227

(360) 671-6565 


Caroline Whitener, Secretary

Faber Fairchild McCurdy

PO Box 5158 Bellingham, WA 98227

(360) 671-6565 

Secretary email: WCBAmembership@gmail.com


Jacob Holland, Treasurer

Hathaway Holland

3811 Consolidation Avenue 

Bellingham, WA 98229

(360) 788-4810

Treasurer email: Whatcomcountybar@gmail.com


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The Whatcom County Bar Association holds lunch meetings quarterly in March, June, September, and December, on the first Wednesday of each month. The meetings are held at the Bellingham Yacht Club, located at 2625 S Harbor Loop Dr, Bellingham. Lunch is included for members and guests. We hold a short business meeting, followed by a speaker presentation or social hour. See the Event Calendar for more information.

WCBA meetings are open to anyone interested in the goings-on of our legal community or a particular presentation or speaker. Non-members please bring $20.00 cash or check to cover lunch. 

Social Media

Facebook: Click here to connect to our Facebook Page.

CLE Programs

The Whatcom County Bar Association sponsors 2-3 CLEs per year, for a total of 3-5 CLE hours. See the Event Calendar for more information.

WCBA Bylaws.

The existing articles of incorporation with the bylaws drafted in 1983, and revised in 2013, are posted here. WCBA Bylaws Adopted 12.06.23.pdf

WCBA History.

This information was compiled and updated by Rajeev D. Majumdar on January 1, 2023, with great assistance of many local attorneys, especially from Betsy Brinson, Hugh Lewis, Doug Shepherd, Doug Hyldahl, and Dan Rass. Any errors or omissions are unintentional, and input is welcomed to complete the record.

The WCBA came together in an earlier era, and by the 1960s was going strong as an unincorporated association. Every lawyer practicing in the County was a 'member' and we got together once a month at a restaurant of the President's choosing. There was a picture in the District Court of the 1970 members, all 35 of them men.

The Articles of Incorporation were prepared in May of 1983 and passed at that bar meeting, filed in June of 1983, and signed by local attorneys Doug Shepherd, Kevin Downs and Diane Emmons who also drafted said document.

The Volunteer Presidents thus far recorded with the records we have on hand in 2023:
1981 - Jake Smith
1982 - Dan Rass
1983 - J. Kevin Downs
1984 - L. Diane Emmons
1985 - Dave Anderson
1986 - Mark Boyson

1987 - ?????
1988 - ?????
1989 - ?????
1990 - ?????
(John Erickson, year?)
(Jack Ludwigson, year?)
(Elizabeth Balas, year?)
(Pete Visser, year?)

1991 - Steve Adelstein
1992 - Steve Hager
1993 - Doug Shepherd
1994 - Jim Doran
1995 - Wendy Bohlke
1996 - Hugh Lewis
1997 - Bill Knudsen
1998 - Karlene Weiland
1999 - Timothy Carpenter
2000 - Dick Platte
2001 - Dave Nelson
2002 - Larry Daugert
2003 - Chase Van Gorder
2004 - Laughlin H. Clark
2005 - Elizabeth Li
2006 - Jeffrey A. Lustick
2007 - Tom Fryer
2008 - Steve Chance
2009 - Katti Esp
2010 - Betsy Brinson
2011 - Douglas Robertson
2012 - Deborra Garrett
2013 - Jim Britain
2014 - Paula McCandlis
2015 - Mark Kaiman
2016 - Tom Lyden
2017 - David Brown
2018 - Lisa Saar
2019 - Nick Fay
2020 - Matt Conner
2021 - Phil Buri
2022 - Jennifer Slattery
2023 - Genissa Richardson

Mock Trial Volunteer Judges Needed December 5th and 7th

11/10/2023 11:29 AM | Anonymous

Fairhaven College is looking for volunteer judges for upcoming mock trials for FAIR311 U.S. Legal Systems on December 5 and 7 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:20 a.m. Each mock trial will be one hour long and there will be a total of four mock trials consisting of two criminal trials and two civil trials.

We are looking for a minimum of four attorneys or at least one judge for each mock trial. However, we welcome additional volunteer judges. A volunteer judge may judge one or more mock trials depending on their availability. 

A minimum commitment consists of reviewing the mock trial packet(s) (one for civil and one for criminal) that will be provided, attending at least one 1-hour mock trial on December 5 and/or 7, completing student evaluation forms for each participant, and providing a few minutes of feedback to students right after their mock trials.  

Please email Esther Hyun, Visiting Assistant Professor, at hyune@wwu.edu to volunteer and receive further details.  

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Copyright 2023 Whatcom County Bar Association PO Box 1142 Bellingham, WA 98227
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